PhD student 5 – Coordination of endo-lysosomal cargo transport by NPC1 and post-NPC1 regulators of lipid metabolism  

University of Helsinki, FI

Elina Ikonen, elina.ikonen[at]

The PhD student will investigate how trafficking of NPC1 is regulated by endosomal machineries and how this will impact endo-lysosomal lipid delivery to post-NPC1 destinations, including the plasma membrane, ER and lipid droplets. The student will take advantage of advanced live cell imaging techniques to visualize lipids and proteins and dissect how proteins coordinate cellular lipid deposition between endo-lysosomes and lipid droplets, with relevance to lysosomal storage and fatty liver diseases.

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PhD student 11 – The contribution of the endosomal sorting machinery to metabolism 

University Medical Centre Groningen, NL

Bart van de Sluis,[at]

The PhD student will investigate the metabolic effects of tissue-specific deficiency of the endosomal sorting machinery on circulating lipids, glucose levels and adipokines. The mechanisms by which the endosomal sorting machinery in adipose tissue regulates metabolism, including lipid and glucose metabolism, and atherosclerosis will be studied. The contribution of differential expressed endo-lysosomal proteins in the liver of NAFLD/NASH patients to the pathogenesis of NAFLD/NASH will be investigated, and novel reagents to deliver gRNAs into cells and/or tissue to edit the genome will be developed.

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